170 Clarke Street North
Woodstock, Ontario Canada N4S 7M7
Phone: 519 537 6422
We are Wheelchair accessible We are wheelchair accessible

55 Plus Coffee Break

Some people have asked me what coffee break is, and what we do. We welcome the opportunity to explain. We are not a club. There are no dues, no president, vice-president, secretary, or treasurer. We are a group of "Friends" who simply "Love the Lord", and enjoy each others company. We praise God singing the old familiar songs our parents and grandparents have taught us long ago, and which still mean a lot to us. We follow with a short devotion, read a story, poem, and yes, we even share a joke. God is the centre of our fellowship, and He has blessed us beyond words. Our group has grown from 22 from the first time we met, and has brought out 52 people at our last meeting this spring. Our God sure is an awesome God, and to Him belongs all the Glory. If you have never joined us before, we invite you to do so this fall. You will not be a stranger, but a FRIEND.

Yours in Christ, Herma and Ron Savard

Our next meeting is on Friday March 6, 2020 beginning at 10:00 a.m.