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July, 12 2020

The last two weeks we have looked at two ways God encourages His people through His words of grace when we sin and through His strength as He protects and fights battles for His people. Through this encouragement God is glorified when we respond with faith and gratitude. What about encouraging one another? At Pentecost God moved wonderfully in His Church through the Spirit. We are adopted into God’s family through faith and the life of Jesus is born within us. So, as God transforms us we come, ideally, to look more like our Saviour, act more like children of God and friends of Jesus, to have the fruit of the Spirit grow within us. In the newer testament we meet a man known as Barnabas. He shows us what it looks like to be an encourager. We are going to be introduced to him in Acts 4.32-37 as we look to take on our “Family Resemblance.”
July 5 - July 11
Sunday Worship Service 10:20 a.m.
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