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Bless The Lord!

July, 21 2019

One of the distinctive marks of the community of faith is worship. We worship God together. Yet the ‘why’ of worship is often eclipsed by our preferences, the ‘how’ of worship. When worship is placed in its proper context we find ourselves being challenged, corrected, comforted, and so much more. Let’s join in worship this Sunday and be reminded about why we worship. See you then!

July, 7 2019

Several months ago we looked at the lie many of us have learned about God. This lie goes like this, God is stingy, reluctant to give, blessings have to be wrestled out of His hand. The truth we hopefully learned, God is generous beyond anything we can imagine and delights in blessing His people. Believing the lie makes us stingy people, a stingy community. But if God is generous then we too can be generous as a community. If God delights to bless us then we can, as a community, delight in blessing others. On Sunday we are going to talk more about God’s call to generosity and I look forward to seeing you then!

June, 30 2019

Robert Mulholland Jr. has a simple definition of spiritual formation. “Spiritual formation is a process of being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others.” It’s deceptively simple. The last part of this definition “for the sake of others” takes spiritual formation out of the realm of our private faith and brings it into the open of the community of faith. And yet we resist, even in the community of faith, having our transformation happen in public, giving others permission to hold us accountable, having someone point out bad behaviour, being called out of our comfort zone to a higher level of discipleship. But isn’t this one of the first priorities of the community of faith? To spur one another on to growth and move us out into mission? Let’s see if we can answer this question on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

June, 23 2019

Grace makes an impact. At least it’s supposed to make an impact. The grace Jesus offers to us is life transforming. But some, who have been part of a community of faith for decades, have gotten used to hearing this. We have become gospel hardened, not because the good news of Jesus isn’t great but because it’s too familiar. This is how the community of faith can lose its focus on Jesus, turn inward, and start fighting with one another and the world. The Apostle Paul tells us we have been reconciled to God through Jesus and we have now been given the ministry of reconciliation. Grace reconciles us to Jesus. What would it look like to offer the same grace to people around us and then also be reconciled as well as reconciling? Let’s see on Sunday!

June, 16 2019

Some days it seems as if the one thing the Church is good at is dividing. I know this is not true but it’s what makes for good headlines and community gossip. Dr John Neufeld once observed there is actually a lot the Church agrees on. We agree on the doctrines of the Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, and more. What divides us then? Mainly, preference and practice. A better question is this, where do we find our unity? What is the foundation for our unity? Let’s try on the answer to these questions on Sunday, unless . . . just kidding. I hope to see you and celebrate Jesus with you!

June, 2 2019

Belonging to a community where you are loved, valued, and accepted is an incredibly profound gift. As much as we like to think we are independent, the truth is God created us to be interdependent. However, what happens to a community where the focus has turned inward? What happens to the community where it becomes all about me and my needs? This is the beginning of the end. The community God calls us into, the kingdom of God, is about service, serving God, serving others, expanding the community. When our attention turns to the things which are ‘good for us’ then we turn away from Jesus’ mission. We are going to take up the theme of service this Sunday and see how important service is for God’s people. See you then!
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