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April, 5 2020

This Sunday, Palm Sunday, we are wrapping up our Lenten series from the Tearfund devotional booklet. It seems fitting for generosity to be the final theme as one of the beloved passages of Scripture is ‘for God so loved that He gave . . .’ Jesus is the ultimate gift and with Jesus God has given us everything. How do we respond to such a gift? In this time of pandemic we certainly seem to have the mentality of scarcity evidenced by empty store shelves. How do you respond with generosity when it seems as if others are only out for themselves, when it seems as if fear is in the driver’s seat? This Sunday as we gather around Matthew 6.19-24 we will unpack some of the treasures that followers of Jesus have and how we can live in generosity while in this season.

March, 29 2020

The late Chuck Colson was fond of saying ‘salvation doesn’t come on air force 1,’ in the Canadian context a challenger jet. He was referring to the plane used to ferry the American president around the world and how we shouldn’t put our faith in world leaders the way we are to put our faith in Jesus Christ. Faith is something of critical importance for us at all times and especially in crisis as it provides an anchor for us, an anchor in Jesus. We open up a discussion on faith as we are online again this Sunday and as we continue through this Lenten journey from Tearfund. More faith is what we need, deeper faith, stronger faith in Jesus as we seek new ways to encourage one another in Jesus. See you Sunday!

March, 22 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. It sounds like a wild understatement at this moment as many folks are panic buying and Ontario has just declared a state of emergency to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19. While there is a lot of uncertainty, there are things we know for sure: God is still on His throne and in control of all things, and God is also faithful to all His promises which are ‘yes and amen’ in Jesus. So, how are we to be in the midst of this crisis? I know the temptation to anxiety and fear because I feel them too. However, trusting in God’s faithful care and love we roll up our sleeves and do what the church does best, ‘Love our neighbour as ourselves.’ This Sunday we will gather online at 10:30 A.M as we continue with our Lenten series “Less Is More” talking about Love

March, 15 2020

For the 3rd Sunday in Lent we turn to a discussion of love. Love has to be one of the most misunderstood characteristics of God. This is mostly because we let the world tell us what love is instead of listening to how the Bible talks about love, listen to God talking about love. The Bible does not give us a hard and fast definition of love but Jesus is quite clear about what love does. God’s love is eternal. God’s love is lavished upon us. God’s love is what we are called to share with the World. Let’s talk some more about this on Sunday as we gather to celebrate God’s love for us in Jesus.

March, 8 2020

For this second Sunday in Lent our theme is compassion. It seems to be in short supply today. Compassion, like sympathy, is suffering along with the other, being able to feel with them the hurt and pain they are feeling. It’s not a demeaning kind of pity but rather an exercise of community. When we have compassion for someone we are reaching a hand down to help them out or better yet, settling down to be with them in their pain for a while. Jesus models this for us throughout the newer testament and as we talk about this on Sunday, let’s look and listen for ways we can show compassion. See you Sunday!
March 29 - April 4
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