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March, 1 2020

This week we start the season of Lent. It’s a somber season which takes us on the journey with Jesus to His trial and crucifixion. One theme which comes through quite clearly is the injustice forced upon Jesus in His work to satisfy God’s justice on our behalf. Jesus paid a debt for us which we could never pay ourselves. So, what then is our response to injustice in the world around us? In our Tearfund devotional the week’s theme is justice, more justice, and what that will look like in our lives. We open up the book of Nehemiah into a very fragile time in Israel’s history. In times of threat and crisis we often see the best in people and unfortunately the worst in people. How does Nehemiah address this and what will our response be as we seek justice? Let’s gather on Sunday for more conversation!

February, 23 2020

This Sunday is the last Sunday in Epiphany. From here we enter quickly into the season which celebrates the main purpose for Jesus coming, the cross and resurrection. We have listened in on several conversations and parables as Jesus has revealed His Kingdom. In this final Epiphany lesson, although Jesus has not yet reached Jerusalem, Jesus speaks about the urgency of accepting His invitation through a parable about a big dinner party. It’s a grand celebration and the community is invited to join in the celebration in a big way. Excuses begin to roll in and the hostess does something remarkable with startling implications for those who are trying to get out of going as well as for those who are gathered in. Let’s get together on Sunday as we celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ.

February, 16 2020

Ever have one of those days in which you think you’re living in an alternate reality? The pace of change these days brings to light new realities in technology, world events, and local happenings. Things seem more upside down every day. When Jesus began His earthly ministry He brought a lot of ‘upset’ to people who were comfortable with the way things were. At the same time, Jesus was busy setting things ‘right side up’ to the joy of many more people. It set the stage for a conflict of great spiritual impact. As we continue walking with Jesus to Jerusalem, especially in Luke 13, we get a glimpse of this conflict but also the deeper reality the Kingdom of God brings. Let’s talk some more about it on Sunday!

February, 9 2020

There is a sound, unmistakable, heard in the next section of the travel narrative, Luke 12.35-13.9. The sound is the ticking of a clock, time is moving along. There is an urgency for Jesus as He is approaching Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be the sight of His redemptive work, satisfying God’s justice and accomplishing our freedom from sin. But the urgency is not simply for Jesus, it is for you and me too. We frequently complain about not having enough time. The reality is we do have enough, more than enough time. It’s what we choose to do with the time God has granted us. Hope to see you Sunday as we celebrate God’s grace through communion too!

February, 2 2020

As we continue our ‘narrative journey’ through Epiphany we come to the broader passage of Luke 12.1-34. Jesus is speaking to a ‘crowd of many thousands’ Luke reports to us. While the crowd is gathering and jostling, Jesus begins teaching His disciples. Soon a voice in the crowd yells out for Jesus. A passage beginning with the importance of confessing our faith in Jesus is suddenly brought to practical focus very quickly. An unnamed person has a concern about an inheritance not being divided fairly. This often happens, right? Jesus wants to broaden our vision of the Kingdom of God but our vision is focused on smaller concerns. But Jesus takes it in stride and seeks to open up our vision once again. There are lessons for us to learn again through the parable of the ‘Rich Fool’ and in learning those lessons we acquire a wealth of God’s wisdom. Hope to see you Sunday!
February 23 - February 29
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