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Bless the Lord!

November 11, 2018

When is enough, enough? I am not talking about pain and suffering because any amount seems too much. I am talking about our obsession with material things, with stuff. Remember the old advertisement telling us to ‘dress for success?’ The idea is to project an image of confidence and success and you will get hired, promoted, make the sale, and so on. But it has turned into an obsession that the Bible calls avarice. We see it in an inner attitude which comes out as ‘if I only had . . . . then I would be happy/satisfied/secure/the envy of my neighbours’ and the list goes on and on. Jesus has something to say about avarice as He continues to instruct us in regards to living our lives as His disciples. Let’s find out together since we’re all in this together. See you Sunday!

November 4, 2018

“You’re only as good as your last success.” We’ve all heard people say those words or perhaps we’ve even said them ourselves. We hear variations on it from professional athletes, business people, entertainers, and more. When we saw in the Bible that God loves us not for what we do but for who we are as His people, we were confronted with the fact of valuing ourselves based on our performance. Where does that come from? We grow up with it in the world. But what happens when that desire for the approval of people becomes our focus? It’s called ‘vainglory,’ the need for the approval and applause of the world around us. The Puritans used to say ‘live for an audience of one’ and they were referring to living for God’s approval. Let’s see what that looks like as we worship and learn together this Sunday.

October 21, 2018

I know this is an obvious statement but we live in a sexually obsessed world. We have lived in this world for so long that it seems as if little offends us anymore. Of course this is nothing new. The Bible is filled with examples of the destruction left behind by lust and all it leads to. But if our desire is to truly live and thrive in this beautiful Kingdom Jesus has brought us into then we have to address our lust, the lies we have been taught and take an honest look at God’s truth. Once again, Jesus’ desire is not to shame us but to bring healing and wholeness into my life, to restore His design through His grace. See you Sunday!

October 14, 2018

In His first sermon Jesus proclaims the liberating message of the Gospel, the appearance of the “Kingdom of God.” It’s a big concept to unpack but one with a lot of practical implications too. For instance, as Jesus invites us to experience and know God the Father as Jesus knows Him, it is a call to a certain kind of life fitting for a member of God’s family. So, what kind of life is God calling us to? What kind of people does He want to transform us into? In order to begin unpacking this question we are going to start with the virtues Jesus calls us to and the vices He calls us away from. We are going to begin with anger, we might as well jump right in, right? See you Sunday!

October 7, 2018

Over the last several weeks we have been looking into some of the attributes of God. I hope and pray that you have seen the beautiful God that Jesus knows and through this have come to love God more deeply, But, as with many significant moments in life, we ask the question 'now what?' The Bible often phrases the question 'how should we then live?' If I believe all that I have learned and continue to learn about God then what impact does that have on my life? It's a big question and one we can begin to answer by looking at what happens when we reject God. Of course God does not want us to reject Him but rather to live through Him. It's only right then to see what is wrong with the prevailing culture's way of living so we can see the glorious adventure that God calls us into. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
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