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Febuary 17, 2019

What if . . . You can fill in the blank with almost anything and you will find something to worry about, something you choose to worry about. There is a fine line between being concerned about some matter and worrying about the particular thing. It also feels like it is impossible not to worry about anything, but we do have a God who routinely handles the impossible and who asks us to trust in Him. So, what is at the heart of worry and how do we deal with it as followers of Jesus? Let’s get together on Sunday and have some conversation about that. The answer might be more simple than you think. See you Sunday!

Febuary 10, 2019

It’s the most natural thing in the world, right? You get hurt so you want to hurt back. You want someone to pay for the harm done to you. It is normal to have those feelings but Jesus calls His people to a better, much more constructive way. In fact, if we really desire the life of Jesus to grow within us and flow through us we do have to choose this better way. The better way is to live a life of blessing. We don’t deny justice being worked out but justice has to be coupled also with mercy. Learning to bless gives us a new perspective on life and people. Let’s talk more about this as we open up the Bible together. See you Sunday!

Febuary 3, 2019

We have finished our study of the 7 capital sins but if we want to continue to press into the beautiful life Jesus offers then there are other matters we have to address too. One of those matters is lying. This issue can be so subtle at times. We leave out pieces of the truth, minimize other aspects that might make us look bad, and just lie outright. Why do we do that? There are a couple of reasons we will look at on Sunday and, of course, we will look at the solution too. You might just think, that’s easy, tell the truth. Except it’s not that easy. However, with practice and grace and more practice we can use our words to honour Jesus and one another. See you Sunday!

January 13, 2019

The last of the capital sins we are dealing with is sloth. Which seems kind of strange when you think about how ‘crazy busy’ everyone seems to be. Wouldn’t it be nice to be lazy for a while? Being busy has been elevated to a virtue and we are judged or valued for our performance in the culture around us. But maybe then sloth is not about taking a break from work and being busy. Maybe there is a deeper issue with sloth that strikes at the heart of why we are busy and what we are busy with. Let’s explore this on Sunday and see what God wants to speak through His Word. See you Sunday!

January 6, 2019

The ‘cult of celebrity’ has always been with us. It’s not a new phenomenon to ‘follow’ the lives and work of those famous people around us and we’re not immune from this in the Church either. What is new is how social media has brought this into our hands and minds every second of the day. Social media influencers are telling us where to eat, what to buy, how to look and so on. Do we ‘follow’ these folks because we are envious of the lives they appear to lead? How far will our envy take us? What will we sacrifice to be like other people? Or, do we really want to find true identity and security which will last for an eternity? As we take up our look at the seven capital sins, sins which are the head of a host of other evils, we turn our attention to the destructive power of envy but also to its remedy in Jesus Christ. See you Sunday!
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