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Pastor Peter Burrill         

Pastor Peter Burrill


My journey into pastoral ministry began in 1987 and took 15 years to work out. I'm a slow learner. Actually, it was all God's grace, God's timing and His slow but methodical work of transformation that began to prepare me for the next phase of my life. Through that time I fixed a lot of machinery, cars, trucks, tractors, almost anything, but more important than that, was the time spent investing in the lives of young people, getting married and having children, and growing up in Jesus.

Elaine and I have been married for 26 years as of August 2017 and through the birth of four children and the death of one, we have been held secure in the arms of Jesus.

I have a Bachelor of Religious Education from Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener and a Master of Divinity from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. I continue to learn and grow up in Jesus. If you're interested in that journey too, then I would love for you to come along.

You can reach me by phone at the church: 519 537 6422 or by email: pastor@emmanuelreformedchurch.ca

Thank you and may you have a blessed day!

Pastor Pete